If you haven’t already hired a professional photographer / videographer to shoot your listings, you should really think about doing so. Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos, and only 20% each on the listing description and agent description. Being the son of real estate agents, Chris naturally fell into shooting real estate photos and videos. Over the years Chris has produced content for 200+ homes.  We know how important turnaround time is for photos & videos, you want to get you're listing up ASAP. We promise a 24 turnaround time for both high quality photos and smaller sized photos for MLS. For video we promise a 48 hour turnaround time which includes music and 4K quality. Cost is based on square footage of the property so please let us know how big the property is for a proper quote. Check out samples below to see some of the many homes we've been able to shoot. 




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