The Art Gallery of Ontario is currently hosting an exhibit called GUILLERMO DEL TORO: AT HOME WITH MONSTERS. As you can probably guess by the title this entire exhibit is dedicated to the cretive genius of Filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, whose filmography includes Pan's Labyrinth, The Devil's Backbone, The Hellboy film series (Hellboy 2 is such an underrated superhero film), and Blade 2, just to name a few. This exhibit is just a fraction of the props, notes, art, and memorabilia he actually has at his home called "The Bleak House". 

GDT is a personal filmmaking hero of mine and it was really cool to get some insight as to how this creative genius works and thinks. I particularity liked the "Rain room" which is a room GDT actually made himself at his Bleak House and from what I understand it's a projector set up outside the home shooting onto the windows images of rain dripping as though it was actually raining outside and then he has thunderstorm sounds playing in an interior sound system. You can see an example of it in the pictures with the Edgar Allan Poe mannequin. 

If you like GDT and filmmaking and you're in the Toronto area I highly recommend checking this exhibit out before it leaves at the beginning of January.